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Main Gear List
6.5x14, 5x14 Ludwig Black Beauty snares
9x12 DW Collector's Series (VLT shell) tom
16x16 DW Collector's Series (X shell) floor tom
16x18 DW Collector's Series (X shell) floor tom
18x22 DW Collector's Series (VLX shell) bass drum

14" Zildjian K Custom Dark hi-hats
10" Zildjian A Custom splash
18" Zildjian K Custom Dark crash
19" Zildjian K Dark thin crash
22" Zildjian K Custom Dark ride

Remo heads; Moongel for dampening toms; DW kick pad
DW 5000/9000 series stands and pedals; Roc-N-Soc round manual spindle throne

Vic Firth AH5B American Heritage Maple 5B wood tip, Regal Tip series brushes

various LP, Toca, Meinl percussion

Shure SM57 (snare top/bottom), Sennheiser 421-studio or Beta98D/S-live (toms), KSM137 (hi-hat), SM81 (overheads), Beta91 (kick-in), KSM44 (room mono, percussion), 520DX Green Bullet (effect); Yamaha SubKick (kick-out); Cascade Fathead II (room stereo)

Westone ES2 in-ear monitors; Shure P6HW wired bodypack receiver
Jim Davis kit

Full Gear List

DW (Collector's Series, custom laquer solid black): 9x12 tom (VLT shell), 16x16 floor tom (X shell), 16x18 floor tom (X shell), 18x22 kick (VLX shell)
Gretsch (Renown Maple, autumn burst finish): 5x14 snare; 8x10, 9x12 rack toms; 14x14, 16x16 floor toms; 18x22 kick
Pork Pie Little Squealer 5x12 snare (black)
Ludwig Black Beauty 6.5x14 and 5x14 snares, and Black Magic 6.5x14 snare

Zildjian: 14" K Custom Dark hi-hats; 10" A Extra Thin Splash; 10" A Splash; 10" A Custom Splash; 16", 17", 18" K Custom Dark Crash; 19" K Dark thin Crash; 18" A Medium Thin (with 3 rivets); 22" K Custom Dark Ride (played by Alex Acuna); 20" K Ride
Paiste: 18" Innovations Medium china
Wuhan: 12" china (on wall as decoration)

DW: 5000 cymbal boom stand (6); 5000 hi hat stand; 9000 snare stand (2); 9900 double tom stand; SM991 single tom clamp; 5000 single pedal; 5002 double pedal; 9002 double pedal; DWSM798 Dog Bone Accessory Arm
Gibraltar: cymbal grabber cymbal arm (4); cymbal arms (8); SC-XHat hi-hat cymbal stand attachment (with DW standard hi-hat clutch); stabilizer platform; clamp-style L-rod tom arm (2); SC-4425G standard clamp (7); Gibraltar SC-DSAB Self Aligning Beater
Vater: multipair stick holder; vintage bomber bass drum beater
Roc-n-Soc: Manual Spindle drum throne (2: black round); LP: Gajate foot pedal bracket; cowbell mount (bass drum and cymbal stand); Pro triangle holder; Everything rack
Roland: APC-33 Drum Pad Clamp

Meinl Makah-Burl String Cajon
Toca Jingle Hit Tambourine and mount (8", black)
LP High Pitch Jam Block (blue)
LP Piccolo Jam Block (orange)
LP Rock Cowbell
LP Cyclops Tambourine (nickel jingles)
Rhythm Tech Jingle Ring (nickel jingles)
Meinl Jingle Stick (brass jingles)
LP Afuche/Cabasa (standard, wood)
LP Shakers (LP440 Shake-it, Soft Shake, blue Chickita, 2 black Rhythmix Santana Eggs)
LP Grenadilla wood Claves
Prina TK30 30" medium rainstick
Cannon Chajchas Goat Toe Rattles (2)
Leather Ocean Drum (12x2")
LP Pro Triangle (6")
Promark R22 Cymbal Rattler


Gig Bags
Vic Firth VF-SBAG2 deluxe stick bag
Vic Firth VF-MSBAG marching snare stick bag
Kaces cordura drum bags (fusion pack)
Kaces drum crash pad (5x14')
Kaces cymbal bag
Kaces hardware bags (with wheels)
Beato Pro 3 cordura drum bags (6.5x14, 16x16)
Meinl Deluxe Cajon bag
Miscellaneous accessory bags

Vic Firth American Heritage (AH5B) 5B Maple wood tip
Vic Firth Steve Gadd Signature brushes
Regal Tip brushes (rubber handle with telescoping wires)
Regal Tip Ultraflex brushes
Regal Tip Blasticks
Vic Firth T1 general mallets
Promark MT3 multi-purpose mallets
Promark Broomsticks (regular - PMBRM, small - PMBRM2)

Other (Recording, Live Sound, etc.)
Pro Tools 10
UAD-2 Plug-ins
UAD-2 Satellite Quad
Universal Audio 4-710d 4-channel preamp
API 3124+ 4-channel preamp
PreSonus Digimax D8 8-channel preamp
Digidesign 002 Rack
Cloudlifter CL-2
GIK sound absorption panels (6-242, 2-244, 2 stands)
JBL LSR 2328 studio monitors
KRK Rokit RP-10S powered studio sub
Ableton Live
Toontrack EZdrummer
Toontrack Nashville EZX expansion pack
Apple Mac Mini (2.3 Ghz, iY, 8 GB ram)
additional Apple wireless keyboard (MB167LL/A) and mouse (MB111LL/A)
firewire drive (500Gb)
Apple mni-DVI to VGA adapter
Black Box EVNPS06-0025-MM 25ft male-male VGA video cable
APC Back-UPS ES 750
Zoom H2 recorder (512MB & 4GB memory cards)
Auralex MetroFusor diffusion panels (12)
Auralex Monitor Isolation Pads (for 4 monitors)
Apple 16GB iPod Touch
Apple Composite A/V cable
Drumdial drum tuner
Sterling Audio PF1 professional pop screen
Bose Companion 3 Series II speaker system
Mackie DFX 12-channel mixer with effects
Behringer Xenyx 802 8-channel mixer
Samson C-com16 preset stereo compressor
Vic Firth SIH1 isolation headphones (3)
Behringer AMP800 headphone distribution amplifier
music stands (3)
On-Stage MY-500 stereo mic bar
mic stands (6-boom, 2-straight, 1-kick) and cables
Radio Shack digital-display sound-level meter
Radial Pro AV2 multi-media DI box
Shure P6HW Hardwired Beltpack Monitor with input cable
various cables, gender changers, and patch cords
M-Audio in-line balanced XLR pad and phase inverter
Studio RTA Creation Station Studio Desk
JamHub Silent Rehearsal Studio (5-channel model)
Serta PureSoft Massage Executive Chair
Zildjian 30" bar stool
Westone Elite Series ES2 Dual-Driver Custom Fit In-Ear Monitor
Westone UM56 custom earmolds
Etymotic custom molded Musicians Earplugs (ER-15, ER-15B-solid, ER-25 filter buttons - clear)
DW Go Anywhere practice pad set
Korg MA-20 and MA-30 digital metronomes
Vic Virth single-sided rubber practice pad (1-10", 6-6")
Rock-n-Roller R10 cart
Yamaha YA-PTS-3A 8mm cymbal stand threaded sleeves (4)


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